Monday, 25 May 2009

Company or dinner?

Tonight I saw this little spider crawling on my walls... I was going to kill it, but then I was merciful and let it live. I hope she doesn't come back while I'm at sleep! Yuck... (at least I hope to have good fortune... in Portugal spiders are associated with good fortune, I have no clue why).

While the spider was crawling my walls there was a nice thunderstorm outside the window. It has started almost two hours ago and still lasts, going away in distance and coming back. I know my camera is not that good, but I was able to take some pictures of the weather...

Before and during the "blowing" of a thunder...
Awesome! =D Fortunately it wasn't raining when I came home, otherwise it wouldn't be so awesome...

1 comment:

  1. Não é apenas encontrar uma aranha. É encontrar uma aranha pequena à noite. O motivo também não o sei.
    Eu se visse uma aranha desse tamanho, matava-a logo.