Tuesday, 30 June 2009


.o. \o. \o/ \o/ .o. \o/ .o. \o/ !!!!!

It's there! =)

Now just abstracting a bit and everything will be delivered! Stats later!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Progress "bar" - Monday 29 of June

Watch out, the deadline is above us! =) Today at 23.59h it is time to deliver the report.

The ToDo list for today is:

1- Finish the Introduction
2- Write Abstract
3- Write Abstract in Portuguese
4- Write 2 pages abstract
5- Write 2 pages abstract in Portuguese
6- Add a few more pictures
7- Revise the report.

I think I will manage it.

I did not make this post in the morning so I have not registered my progress from yesterday. At this moment I have 76 pages written and total 97 pages of document. 33k words! =)

I'm really looking forward to have my life back tomorrow!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Progress "bar" - Sunday 28 of June

One day to go, no time for cheap talk, just time to work!!

Saturday: wrote 11 pages, stopped at page 64.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Progress "bar" - Saturday 27 of June

Two days to go! I am getting a bit nervous and am a bit afraid of the delivery date!! Nevertheless there is not enough time to freak out. I have to write as much as I can and as fast as I can. I think I'll manage to finish it properly, but I'm wish I would have more time to revise it. My goal today is to finish the chapters that I still haven't finished, which means one and a half chapter to do today.

Yesterday I wrote a few pages, but also wrote the Acknowledgements, did some introductions and summary of some chapters, things that I was saving for later but I decided to do when I was not being too productive in other chapters.

And I still only have one picture on the document, that will take some time also... need to rush!

Friday: Wrote 3 pages plus extras, stopped at 53 pages. Had 25k words! =)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Progress "bar" - Friday 26 of June

Here I am again. Time is running short and there are still some pages to write. Nevertheless I think I'll manage it, just not as relaxed as I would like.

Yesterday "the writings" were not bad, but I should be faster. Let's see how does it go today!

Thursday: 5 pages written. Stopped at 50.

PS: Michael Jackson is dead... let him Rest In Peace.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Progress "bar" - Thursday 25 of June

Yesterday was a better day than before. After deleting the 5 paragraphs I wrote in the day before (they were not that good) I ended up writing nine pages. I never wrote so much in one day... but I must admit that I didn't exactly write those pages yesterday. I had written more than half of them during the semester, it was part of the project, but now it was time for them to be included. But I guess it counts anyway because I was the one that wrote them! They still need some fixes and tweaks but it was a good feeling to see the report growing like that. I wish it was always like that. Well it better be from now on! My objective is to finish the main part of writing before Saturday (yeah, I know that tomorrow is Friday already =P). This way I'll be able to spend the weekend revising, writing each paragraph's introduction and summary and tweak the report a little bit. I hope I can manage it. I still need to fix what I did yesterday and then two more chapters. But it's like they say "a chapter a day, keeps the failure away", or something like that.

Wish me luck!

On Wednesday 24 of June: 9 pages, stopped at page 45.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

When Motivation is not enough

When motivation does not work, one might need some Fuel... provided by Metallica.

Five days to the due date... :-o

Today's Motivation is provided by:

Manuel Cruz - Foge Foge Bandido - O meu amor está perto.

Progress "bar" - Wednesday 24 of June

Today is Saint Johns holiday in Porto, and I'm already working and it's not even 8h! But I have a meeting in a bit more than 3 hours and need to prepare some things to take. So let's do it.

Oh and yesterday I didn't dedicate too much time to the report... =/

Tuesday 23 of June: 3 paragraphs written; Stopped at page number 36.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Progress "bar" - Tuesday 23 of June

Today I woke up with the wish to keep track of my thesis/report evolution. So I decided to write a daily post with the progress from the day before. Just for fun or for pressure, not really sure. Nevertheless here it starts!

Monday 22 of June: 5 Pages written; Stopped at page number 35.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Classes are over

Yesterday I felt something really strange that showed me how close I am to finishing my studies. I was reading some posts or something of the kind and found someone who said that their classes had finished and they were getting ready for their exams... When I read that, it struck me that for the first time in many years I was no longer even remotely aware of the school calendar...

Ever since I first went to school for the first time until last January, I always kept track of the date when classes would finish. Until my 11th grade that meant vacations (from the 8th or the 9th grade until the 11th grade we had something called global test but I think those tests were still during classes period). In the 12th grade our classes finished sometime before taking the national exams that gave us the grades to access college. And, in college, classes finished a week before the exams both in the first and the second semester. Although the last day of classes in college didn't mean vacations yet, it still brought me closer to them and that was something of an event., Most times that brought in a somewhat relaxing feeling... of course, studying for the exams is not relaxing, but at least one can choose at what times one studies. Obviously this doesn't mean that I hated my classes in college, but that the end of classes was a very nice moment. =)

This semester it arrived without me expecting it and then it struck me that it no longer had any impact on my life. I'm still doing my internship and I'm writing my report... so nothing changed. But I felt like an emptiness in my heart for not being able to celebrate the last day of classes...

It will be like this from now on, I know that... (well, at least I'm 90% sure it will be, unless I become a teacher or I take another degree (but I haven't won the €uromillion yet, so I can't go and take the history degree or the Toponymy degree that I would love to take :P)) so I should get used to school calendar becoming irrelevant for me. And I know I will, but it made me feel sad for a moment.

But hey, that's life!=)