Saturday, 6 June 2009

Classes are over

Yesterday I felt something really strange that showed me how close I am to finishing my studies. I was reading some posts or something of the kind and found someone who said that their classes had finished and they were getting ready for their exams... When I read that, it struck me that for the first time in many years I was no longer even remotely aware of the school calendar...

Ever since I first went to school for the first time until last January, I always kept track of the date when classes would finish. Until my 11th grade that meant vacations (from the 8th or the 9th grade until the 11th grade we had something called global test but I think those tests were still during classes period). In the 12th grade our classes finished sometime before taking the national exams that gave us the grades to access college. And, in college, classes finished a week before the exams both in the first and the second semester. Although the last day of classes in college didn't mean vacations yet, it still brought me closer to them and that was something of an event., Most times that brought in a somewhat relaxing feeling... of course, studying for the exams is not relaxing, but at least one can choose at what times one studies. Obviously this doesn't mean that I hated my classes in college, but that the end of classes was a very nice moment. =)

This semester it arrived without me expecting it and then it struck me that it no longer had any impact on my life. I'm still doing my internship and I'm writing my report... so nothing changed. But I felt like an emptiness in my heart for not being able to celebrate the last day of classes...

It will be like this from now on, I know that... (well, at least I'm 90% sure it will be, unless I become a teacher or I take another degree (but I haven't won the €uromillion yet, so I can't go and take the history degree or the Toponymy degree that I would love to take :P)) so I should get used to school calendar becoming irrelevant for me. And I know I will, but it made me feel sad for a moment.

But hey, that's life!=)

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  1. a vida é feita de metas! muitas vezes atingimo-las sem dar por isso. mas cada fase tem muio daquilo que queremos, e querer é poder, luta pelo que qures (claro que estabeecendo prioridades vindas de escolhas, indispensáveis ao rumo que queremos dar à vida!
    a kota tenta fazer isso...