Thursday, 25 June 2009

Progress "bar" - Thursday 25 of June

Yesterday was a better day than before. After deleting the 5 paragraphs I wrote in the day before (they were not that good) I ended up writing nine pages. I never wrote so much in one day... but I must admit that I didn't exactly write those pages yesterday. I had written more than half of them during the semester, it was part of the project, but now it was time for them to be included. But I guess it counts anyway because I was the one that wrote them! They still need some fixes and tweaks but it was a good feeling to see the report growing like that. I wish it was always like that. Well it better be from now on! My objective is to finish the main part of writing before Saturday (yeah, I know that tomorrow is Friday already =P). This way I'll be able to spend the weekend revising, writing each paragraph's introduction and summary and tweak the report a little bit. I hope I can manage it. I still need to fix what I did yesterday and then two more chapters. But it's like they say "a chapter a day, keeps the failure away", or something like that.

Wish me luck!

On Wednesday 24 of June: 9 pages, stopped at page 45.

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