Saturday, 27 June 2009

Progress "bar" - Saturday 27 of June

Two days to go! I am getting a bit nervous and am a bit afraid of the delivery date!! Nevertheless there is not enough time to freak out. I have to write as much as I can and as fast as I can. I think I'll manage to finish it properly, but I'm wish I would have more time to revise it. My goal today is to finish the chapters that I still haven't finished, which means one and a half chapter to do today.

Yesterday I wrote a few pages, but also wrote the Acknowledgements, did some introductions and summary of some chapters, things that I was saving for later but I decided to do when I was not being too productive in other chapters.

And I still only have one picture on the document, that will take some time also... need to rush!

Friday: Wrote 3 pages plus extras, stopped at 53 pages. Had 25k words! =)

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  1. meu valente agora e q são úteis as directas, sem abusar,
    daqui envio muita genica e sangue frio...
    diz a ti próprio "vou conseguir, vou acabar de forma a poder rever" o Senhor vai te iluminar, acredita um bocadinho!
    tudo e tudo....