Sunday, 26 April 2009

25th of April 1974

Yesterday was the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal. For me it is one of the most important and meaningful public holidays of Portugal.

This was the second time I wasn't in Portugal in the 25th of April.

This year I was not only in The Netherlands but also in Luxembourg and even passed through Belgium. I went on a quick visit to the Luxembourg with some friends.

But I didn't forget what day it was so to make my own small celebration I listened to José Afonso, a Portuguese singer whose political songs were a way of fighting against the dictatorship that ended in the 25th of April of 1974.

As we say in Portugal "25th of April forever, fascism never more! Long live Liberty!".

As suggested in the comments box here is a link to some videos of José Afonso's songs.


  1. sugeria acrescentares o seguinte link (ou outro parecido)

  2. ... mas gostei bastanet do post.

  3. foi um week end fastvoyage,25 abril é um marco que modifica a nossa visão do mundo - começou a haver "LIBERDADE" no mais puro sentido da palavra, mas não pára a sua realização mais consciente do que ela exige de quem a vai descobrindo...

  4. "Carnation Revolution". That´s a funny name! :)