Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Touristing weekend

Last Thursday a cousin of Mariana arrived in Delft for a eight day visit. So, as good hosts that we are, we did a plan (well they did) to show her a bit of The Netherlands. Actually it was also meant for us to know a bit more about the country where we are living.

Since the prices of the museums and of the trains are quite expensive we rather leave some places to visit when people come by to visit us. Saving money and avoiding double or triple visits.

In the days she was here they visited The Hague, Amsterdam, Leiden and Antwerp. Since I am working full time I was only able to join in the weekend trips. Those were to Amsterdam (Yes, I still had (and have) things to see in Amsterdam) and Leiden.

It was a really nice weekend, a tiresome one, but a really fun and nice weekend.

The only not so good thing is that I should have taken some time to work on my report... but then again what is life without a bit of stress (for when the time comes...).

Next weekend I'm going to Geneva with Mariana, to visit José Melo, a friend of ours.

Before finishing this I would like to congratulate my friend Cláudio Alves for having finished his Master! Hip, Hip Hurray! =)


  1. um week end very happy and nice for boh of you. I miss you a lot... give to Claudio my parabens. kota

  2. podes comprar um cartao de descontos para os museus, fica mt em conta...