Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Something in the air tonight

I've talked in a previous post about sound based memories, and tonight I experienced the smell based memories.

When i was cycling back to my place the night in Delft smelled like Spring. And so I spent most of the time sniffing the air and trying to get some memories out of this mixture of fauna, flora and city smells. I didn't get any specific memories but it filled my mind with thoughts of Portugal, and some warmer nights.

It's really nice the power of the human brain and it's capacity to remember stuff and make associations between such things as smells and sounds.

Anyway, the most important thing was that it made me feel good. Even though a little sadness crawled with this good feeling, but it was just "saudade" (a very meaningful Portuguese word for "missing" things), so I welcomed it also.

And here I am again, talking about memories... If I continue like this, my blog will have it's own pool of so much crying text... sorry folks!:P


  1. Os cheiros, sem dúvida engraçado! Grande abraço... :)

  2. Que tipo de drogas tinhas consumido antes?

  3. mas é bom ter saudades... mau é como dizem "ter saudades de já não as ter..."
    bjhs kota