Friday, 6 March 2009

Half (A)way from nowhere

Here I am again, writing about an Erasmus experience.

As some of you might know last year I spent 5 months in Horsens, Denmark, through the Erasmus Programme. Now, seven months after my return to Porto, Portugal, I left again. Last year I went to VIA University College to study. This time I came to Delft, in The Netherlands, to do my final course internship. I started in the 2nd of March at Tam Tam B.V. and I'll finish it in the end of July.

Even though I'm doing an internship I'm still and Erasmus student, so I'll try to have some fun and to travel a bit. I hope I find some time to do it. For that to happen I should start by sleeping at least 7 hours a day. So now I'm going to sleep, because tomorrow I start my work at 8.30h, and "only" finish at 17h/17.15h. =)

Anyway I couldn't go one more day without creating this blog. I haven't done it before because I was having some trouble choosing a name for it.... but as you can see I stopped thinking too much and just chose this one. Since I'll have to write my internship report/thesis in english I thought I should start practicing it, by writing my blog in english. Also this way the friends that I made in Erasmus that want to know what I'm doing can also read it. Withought having to use Google Translator, or some other translator. As I told you this is for practicing, so whenver you find any mistake, even if it's only a small one, please let me know!

But as I was saying, the name for the blog... Since I'm writing in english and there are a LOT more english writing users than portuguese writing users in the Internet, this quest was even harder than usual. Finding an available name that made any sense to me was a challenge, speacially because I wanted it to be somewhat related to my other blogs (O Meio, Meio Fora), and words like center and half are quite common in english. So I came up with this "Half (A)way", which in my head represents a translation of "Meio Fora" (using Away in the sense of "I'm away" =P) and also playing a bit with "Half way" to someplace or from someplace. And then I thought, maybe because is getting late and I have to sleep, that I the address should be "Half Away from nowhere" ( was already taken =P). Because I'm not half, nor fully, away from nowhere an noone that I care about. Even though distance exists I feel that I'm allways with the ones I love and I carry the places I love in my heart. And I also know that I'll be back and be with you all. =)

But enough of this. I really must sleep.

Hope you'll stop by or add this blog to your feeds, and that you enjoy the things I have to share.

I already have some posts on my mind that I will try to write some time soon.

Thank you for reading. (Don't forget to correct my english!)


  1. already in my greader.

    "This time I came to Delft" instead it should be "I came into Delft". At least I think it is like this but I can be wrong. :)

    I couldn't resist! Hehe!

  2. also in my feeds ;) hope you'll write more in this blog than I did in mine when i was in erasmus :P