Sunday, 15 March 2009

Portugal Paradise

Today when I went to Utrecht (more on that in another post one of these days :P) I saw this nice advertisement in a bus stop:

I'm not sure if that's the price for the two way trip, if it is I can say that it's quite cheap... but what startled me the most wasn't the price, was the picture behind it. I'm aware that I don't know every corner and beach of my country, but I can almost swear that there's no way that picture was taken in Portugal. And if it was I really must schedule some vacations there, because I have no money to go to the Caribbean islands, and that sure looks a lot like some postcards I've seen... (note the palm trees).


  1. oh Simão, sinceramente... podes não acreditar, mas há assim lugares em Portugal, tipo, sei lá, Lagos, onde também desaparecem criancinhas...

    se calhar não está lá a maleta amarela gigante, bem como aquele guarda-sol IKEA style, mas o resto é perfeitamente plausível... tens de ir mais pra fora cá dentro..

  2. No advertisements of holidays in Poland? That's strange... ;-)