Sunday, 8 March 2009

Let your heart beat freely

I arrived to The Netherlands on the 23rd of February. The trip was smooth and I slept most of it through. After landing in Amsterdam and grabbing my luggage from the luggage belt I went to take a train to Delft.

Thanks to a nice lady I was able to board the right train and to switch trains at the right place. That place was, and is, called Leiden.

And it was in Leiden, in one of its train stations to be more specific, that I saw an object that I'm not used to see in a train station.

A defibrillator. Well, I might be wrong, but I don't think I can find one of these in Portuguese train stations. And maybe most people don't think that would even be an important object to figure among vending machines and benches. But, after a radio show that I once heard I really think this is a must-have in public places like a train station. Maybe I'm just a bit too hypochondriac...

Anyway, with stations equipped with these things I guess dutch people can eat fast food without worrying so much! ;)


  1. Fast food??? Esta gente não come nada de jeito! Umas sandes horrorosas e manhosas sempre ao almoço! =P Ai ai... viva a comida portuguesa!

    (Futuros comentários mais politicamente correctos serão eventualmente escritos em inglês =P )

  2. Hehehe, this blog was long overdue ;)

    Congrats! And have a nice internship!