Thursday, 12 March 2009

It's all so quiet...

I know it is, but this time I'm not just walking by and study now and then, I'm actually working. Starting at 8.30h and finishing at 17.15h everyday, with some small variations.

So if you know me you can imagine how sleepy I must be... And I usually go to sleep around mid-night or one in the morning. But I hope I will get used to it. After all I'm going to do this for around 35/40 years... so sooner or later I'll get used to it. =)

But the main reason why I don't write often is because after work I don't come home to sit in front of my laptop. I usually only look at it later at night, when I get home. And by then I rather watch some episode of something or talk to someone, than sit here writing. Sorry! :P

I'll try to use the weekends to update the blog. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway I just wanted to say that I'm OK and I'm enjoying my stay here at Delft.

And the company is awesome! Yesterday they invited the employees that were not in vacations to go play bowling. It was like a "Team Building" initiative. It was really nice. I was the only Portuguese to go (there are 5 more at Tam Tam), because Porto's match for the Champions League was yesterday.

Anyway it was a nice evening, we occupied three lanes from the bowling place and I tied in the second place with a dutch guy 2 points behind the winner. I think I did really well, because it was really hard to find a ball that suited me. There was not a balanced ball. The light balls had really tight holes, so I couldn't hold them that well, and the ones with larger holes were really heavy... So I just used the light girly balls. But even though I was in risk of breaking a finger I still managed to make some strikes. After the game ended we started another one but the time ended before we finished... but I wasn't close to the leader. But since it was interrupted I didn't lose! ;)

After playing bowling we had dinner in a restaurant in the same building. The dinner was table grill. You grab the meat and then you have some grills on the table and you cook your own food. It was quite good.

That's what I call a company! I don't think any of my college friends will have an evening like this sponsored by their companies!

Well, but now it's getting late and I still want to watch an episode of something!:)

Before I finish this post I'll leave you with some pictures of the wild life in Delft, which I find really amazing.

Ducks, ducks and more ducks it looks like I am in Duckburg (Patópolis)

I don't know what bird is this, but I find it very good looking...:P

And this is it... :)


  1. Ducks are so much prettier than pidgeons! =D
    As to the other bird, I have already seen one of those near my place. It's really awesome!
    If you come to Utrecht with us, you might have interesting stories to post on Sunday! ;)

  2. You will get used to them and not even notice them... unless they iceskating (they like to do it)...

    Good luck for you stay in the Netherlands... such a lovely country... and Delft... the most beatiful city in there...