Friday, 20 March 2009

Sound Based Memories

It's really funny how powerful our brain is and how many types of memories can it store. I must say that mine is not the most organized brain and so I end up loosing a lot of memories every now and then, without knowing why. Maybe he is just lazy to remember some stuff. Who knows?

Anyway yesterday and today I started my working day listening to OffSpring's album "Ixnay in the Hombre" and it's really funny how this music takes me back to my ninth grade. And it's also nice how I jump inside of my head with this music. Amazing. I feel nostalgic, but I feel really good. Time moves forward, but fortunately memories are here to reminds who we were, where we were and what we did. It's really strange I always heard "enjoy this time, because is the best that you'll get". I don't know if those were the best times but they sure were the calmest and most relaxed days that I had. Just some classes during the day and then play football in the afternoon. I don't like to live stuck to the past but I like to travel back to it and remember. And then I miss some of the people that I knew and that I haven't seen in ages...

And when I'm walking down the memory lane I remember that I also miss my friends and family with whom I haven't been for almost a month now (well, some I haven't seen for ages). But that's the way it is. I knew that before I came to Delft, I don't regret I just miss you. =) Hope that some of you have the chance of coming to visit me, otherwise I hope to see you all in May.

But enough of being a crying baby.

The weekend is close. I just need to work seven more hours and I'll change to "do-nothing-productive" mode.

This time I'm going to Dronten, in the north, to visit a friend of mine that is there in Erasmus, Gustavo. I think it will be a nice trip even though the city is not even a city, I think it's a village, and there's not much to see. But it can't be always about monuments and museums!

Since I arrived to Delft I've already visited Roterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht. I haven't write about any of those, but I think I will... maybe today in the train I write something and then just upload it!

Now it's time to work! And you too, lazy. Reading blogs in work time...

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  1. I miss you a lot...
    many kisses and (huges maybe isn't ell spelled).